Wednesday, 16 January 2013

20D+ Sigma 500mm= Happy Me!

As I had purchased a DSLR lens, my father decided he would order himself a DSLR camera so I can use the lens up here.  He decided  on the Canon EOS 20D, which, despite being a 6-year old model looked good!  It turned up this morning so we decided to visit Hyde Park to test it out.  It was a bit confusing at first as I didn't now how to work it and the first few shots came out completely white, so after a bit of fiddling round I managed to put up the shutter-speed up, and the ISO down.
 As we walked towards the Serpentine and Bearded Tits, I found a tame Robin singing!  I slowly approached and eventually got a frame filling head shot! The below shot is not cropped,  quite close focusing with the 150-500mm!

We got to the Bearded Tits, and like last time they were on show straight away. Immediately the results were better than last time.  They showed remarkably well, but as the batteries hadn't been fully charged and the weather was cold, the batteries soon ran out, annoyingly the moment the batteries ran out a Bearded Tit jumped to a reed stem right at the front, typical!

I also took some pictures of the waterfowl.

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