Monday, 27 May 2013

Guess Where I've been...

Kensington Gardens, surprise surprise.  For a bright Saturday it was surprisingly not that busy, actually I would say it was less busy than normal.
 Walking to the Little Owl tree to see if our luck would finally change, it did.  When we arrived there were a couple of other birders who located it almost instantaneously.  The lighting wasn't great - side/back lighting - but it was the only clear view we could get, and besides we can't have everything, at least it is my best owl shot.  But that leaf spoils the whole image - one good thing about winter is your images are rarely spoiled by leaves.

After about 200 images of the Little Owl it was off for some hand-feeding. Only Great Tit, Blue Tit and Robin were managed today, no Chaffinch Starling or Parakeet unfortunately.  Couldn't have anything to do with  my hand being <10cm away from the camera could it?  

I had plenty of sightings of Treecreeper, a glimpse of a Nuthatch and some good views of a young Robin, so quite a pleasing day, nice and bright, but too hot, I for one prefer the cool.

A couple of trips to the patch proved quite successful, with this semi-leucistic Blackbird singing from the ground.  This particular bird I've seen since January, a funny looking bird, but he seems to be able to hold a decent territory, so it obviously doesn't affect his position in the pecking order.

 Also I have done a lot of Zebra-jumping Spider photography in the garden. Funnily enough I have a great dislike for all spiders save these little jumping spiders, who I must say are my favourite invertebrate.
 I'm sure if any of you read this blog often, you will see that this is quite a brief post.  I blame that on the cold I have caught, nothing too bad but a nuisance nonetheless.

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