Sunday, 29 July 2012


I got back from a weeks camping on Friday night.  The weather at the campsite was unbearably hot.  But despite there being a couple of thousand people there, the wildlife was good.  I ended up with 37species of bird, the highlight of which was a couple of Yellowhammers!  One of these birds I was almost guaranteed to see singing for the first few days.  Other birds of note were Linnet, Kestrel and Whitethroat.  Macro-wise there were some good moths including a Poplar Hawkmoth outside the gents bathroom!  a Dingy footman and one that looked like a spotless Ermine-Moth, any suggestions welcome!  Also in a ditch I saw a couple of minute Toadlets! I'll leave you for now with some pictures, enjoy!


  1. Great blog! Some lovely photos on your website too, keep up the good work :) As for the mystery moth, Brown-tail and Yellow-tail both have plain white wings and are about the same size and shape as White Ermine, could be one of them...?

  2. Thanks... I'm glad you like it!
    I think it was a yellow-tailed moth, but its hard to tell the difference as it didn't show its tail.


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