Sunday, 1 July 2012

Parachuting Pipits!

I've heard a lot of good things about Wanstead Flats, so this morning we headed over there.
The bird I was hoping to see was Skylarks, as I've only ever seen them once in Essex.
While we where sitting eating lunch I managed to pick up the Skylarks distinctive song, and I could just about make out a distant black speck in the sky.  As we walked on we saw more Skylarks and a small bird flew down into a bush, looking through my scope I saw it was a Meadow Pipit!
The Pipit then took off and went 'parachuting down! It then landed again, repeated this process but was joined by another Pipit and flew off.  We carried on walking and I got a surprise as I saw a Skylark in a bush ten feet away!

I took three pictures (which were badly focused) then looked through the scope - just as I got it focused, it flew off. Walking around the lake showed a Pied Wagtail and my first Dragonfly of the year, an Emperor! There were at least two of them around the lake.
Other wildlife we saw were: Small-Heath, Comma, Speckled wood and Red-admiral Butterflies and Common-blue Damselfly and Banded demoiselles. When we were leaving through Wanstead Park we saw a Female Green Woodpecker.

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