Saturday, 11 August 2012

Chuffed with a Chough!

I am on Holiday at my Grandmother's in the Irish countryside. The wildlife here in Ireland is impressive - Bullfinches are plentiful, Goldcrests are almost guaranteed and Wrens are everywhere. I saw two Ravens the other day as well! Yesterday my Auntie Addie took my Mother, Brother, Cousin and I to Derinane beach. Here I noticed a distant bird which had black on the end of its wings. I thought straight away that it was a Gannet, it was very distant but when it plunge-dived into the water my suspicions were confirmed. At one point I counted nine Gannets together! I was very pleased as they were the first I've seen!

There was also a huge flock of birds, which I think were Cormorants as they had partially bent necks in flight, but they were too far away to rule out Shags.  We were walking back to the car when my Mother pointed out two black birds.  At first I couldn't see the beak, and as your not supposed to get Carrion crows here I was intrigued. As I went closer I saw they had orange beaks! They were Choughs! They were fairly tame and I could get within twenty feet of them. There are only about eight hundred in Ireland so I was chuffed to see one!

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