Friday, 31 August 2012

Lucky Dip (per)

On the 20th of August my Grandmother and I went for a walk along a river in Killarney. On the wall next to the river I saw a sign about Dippers and decided that that was the bird to find. We walked along the river for a while, and then we met an old man with a thick accent. From the little I could understand, he said that due to pollution there were less fish, and when the adult birds caught fish, they were so hungry that they would eat them themselves instead of feeding them to their chicks. This got me worried.

We walked even further and were on the verge of turning back when I noticed the white breast of a Dipper on the first bit of land in the river! It was fairly tame and allowed me to go to the edge of the river. It even stayed when a large dog jumped in the water! It stayed for over half an hour and was there when we left.

Also around the park, I saw three Sika Deer, and a Heron.

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