Thursday 7 February 2013

Typical Weather...

The Sky has been clear a lot recently, but, the perches I set up in my garden have been in shade almost the whole time, and even worse; it decided to be like this when my eldest brother had lent me his Canon EOS 5D II!  A great camera and on the first day I went to Brighton Beach with it, the birds weren't exactly posing, but I tried some different shots.

For the shots of the birds on the beach I tried to get low down to throw the fore, and background out of focus.  A technique I also tried last time I was here.  It would be nice if smaller birds, like: Pied Wagtails were on the beach to try this technique, unfortunately I've never seen one here and have heard one once.  On a better note though, I will be in Ireland in 15 days, and there local beach is a haven for waders.  My cousin Caleb has got himself a patch by the beach too!  In an image he sent me I counted 42 Curlew!
 Another bird we saw at the beach was a Peregrine over Sussex Heights.  It gave great -but distant- views even perching atop a pole!

The shots I got in the garden with his camera didn't come out very well, as where I have set up the perches is prone to being in shade, so: ISO2000 Shutter 1/125-160, f/8.  And with how fast the birds move that's not ideal.  And -as usual- causes 'noisy' images. The ISO on the 5D II is great, as you have more control, rather than going straight to 1600 form 800, you can do 1000 and 1250!
I did though get one burst of shots in decentish light.  Still there's noise lurking there.


  1. Gideon some great shots, I look forward to seeing what you get from your trip to Ireland. Take a bin bag with you to lay down on the sandy beach, keeps you dry and relatively sand free.

  2. Thanks Douglas! It's a Shingle beach, but I will bare that in mind if I go anywhere sandy!


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