Saturday 2 February 2013

Bearded Tits...Again

This is the fourth time I've been to the Bearded Tits at Hyde Park, and they're still quite content eating seeds from the Phragmite heads, ignoring the groups of people watching them from a safe distance -although I have heard that people have crossed over the small fence- taking photo's or just taking enjoyment from watching them.  Countless passers by have been notified of what these birds are.  I reckon a couple of thousand people have seen the now!
 Anyway, this is the fourth time, I didn't say about the third time because they were hidden deep in the reeds.  Today however, despite there being a fair breeze still, they put on a marvellous show.  We were probably with them for the best part of  90 minutes, in which time I took about 400 images.  They are great fun to watch, and even after the fourth time they still never fail to amaze.
 Today the detail was much sharper than most of the ones I had before, and I am happy with the results.  I experimented with backgrounds this time as they had flown up to the edge of the reed-bed nearest the bridge, where the reeds were fairly thin.  So I tried the water of the lake and the green of the trees.  My favourite though was just plain reed as it went well with the colours of the Bearded Tits. 

                                                                  Blue Background

                                                      I like the composition on this one

                                                        Probably my favourite


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