Monday 18 November 2013

G.I. Blues

I'm afraid that I may have broken my rule.  You remember the one about twitching?  How I wasn't a twitcher.  Well of course I stand by the fact I am not, but I have to get this off my chest.  I twitched, no, worse. I dipped.  The embarrassment.
 What did I dip?  One of the many Glossy Ibis around at the moment, this particular individual being at Bowers Marsh.  And as I should have known from previous twitching (cough cough) experiences it wasn't there.  I should have learnt my lesson already.  But no, I have to add another dip to my ever growing list.  Well honestly it's not that big, but it outnumbers successful twitches.  Which isn't many.  Because of course I don't do that kind of thing do I?
 These more than made up for the G.I's absence....

To me, seeing the Corn Bunting means much more than the Glossy Ibis, you see, where they come from they're not rare.  Over here they are, yes.  Corn Buntings however are much rarer, they are declining at an incredible rate.  So seeing nearly half-a-dozen flying together means a lot more than a singular Glossy Ibis.  Though I'm not saying I would say no to seeing one.
 But Corn Buntings, this Corn Bunting, just fantastic to see.

According to the map of the place there were three hides, these turned out to be non-existent.  Unless they're that camouflaged.  But surely they can't have developed hides that good yet, especially ones big enough for more than two people.

 We had a couple of Kestrels, a Marsh Harrier, Stonechat and Skylark of note, but not too much to photograph, so I'm terribly sorry to say the two Corn Buntings are all I have for you.  But then again they are Corn Buntings.
 So no Ibis, but not a disappointing day at all.
 The G.I blues didn't last for long...


  1. Hi Gideon i always enjoy seeing Corn Bunting , there is one often on a perch singing his heart out near where i work

  2. Corn Buntings are great birds!
    I'd love to see one on my patch.


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