Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Silence Before the Storm

It's been a bit quiet here in Brighton recently.  The odd Blue Tit will pass through the garden but that is it.  None of the excitement we had in April/May, with Pied Flycatcher  Whitethroat, Blackcap and Chiffchaff all making an entrance. Now, with thick leaf cover in the trees, spotting birds is almost impossible and the food I provide is no longer graciously accepted.  Now they opt for juicy caterpillars, not dried Mealworms and bird seed,  so I've been just slightly bored. I have though made the most of what is in the garden.  Red Lily Beetles and Frogs mostly, exclusively actually, save a funny looking Bee, and maybe a fly, and maybe an Ant.  You get the idea, macro stuff.  I must say that they were possibly the most tricky frogs to photograph, ever!  It was a rare occasion I could get a shot, so I tried to do some abstracts...I failed....

Now for a bit of listing talk.  My year-list is 133, but with my trip to Ireland coming up, tomorrow in fact, I should easily get to 140, well maybe not that easy, but with a trip to Skellig islands I should, with a bit of luck get: Gannet, Puffin, Razorbill, Arctic Tern, Fulmar, Manx Shearwater, Storm Petrel and that takes me squarely to 140.  But there is always a surprise in Ireland.  Long-eared Owls and Groppers are high on the list.  Most of these are lifers -I've only seen 3- It would take my life-list to 165, a pleasant number.  I am on 159 at the present, but I made a foolish aim for myself, 175 by the end of the year, still a way to go, so these would all be welcome birds.

I don't have any more pictures to share, seriously the last few days have not been successful, so here's a really interesting and rare shot, me at work!...... and no, I didn't get a good shot of the Sparrow, typical problems, I forgot a Tripod and the lighting was abominable.
 But fashion sense of the year or what?  Combats a green jacket and a green cap.  You will never be able to see me when I'm out and about, too good camouflage!  That's why this is such a rare shot, and I have been led to believe that the photographer was camped in a hide for 3 weeks to get this singular shot.  That's what I call perseverance.  Can you see me in it?
 I've got some camo gloves too, so this most likely the last shot you will get to see of me.  I think my hands gave me away.


  1. Hi Gideon hope you have a great trip to Ireland , like the last photo and i did spot you , should have worn your gloves ...lol I like the Sparrow too.

    cheers Rob

    1. THanks Rob...I'll have to try harder next time!


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