Saturday, 6 July 2013

London Birding

Yesterday we did some birding in London, no we didn't go to Kensington Gardens -at first anyway- we went instead to Regents Park.  I mean unheard of?  Me going somewhere in London other than Kensington Gardens? Wow. I had hoped to get good views of Kestrels, I did, but not close views as I had hoped.  Actually they were quite far off, too far for any decent shots.  But nice to see as they were juvenile Kestrels.
 A search for Little Owls here proved fruitless so.....Yes we went to Kensington Gardens.
 Getting there was a rather uncomfortable experience:  The temperature was unbearable on the tube trains, and to make it worse they were packed with tourists.  It was standing room only. Our water was getting warm and running out too.
 It was worth it.  I always enjoy hand-feeding the birds there, such a simple pleasure. I spent most of the time trying flight shots and did nail one but the background ruined it.  A shame, the focus was dead on.

 I have a little bit of news too.  This week I -finally- bought myself my own camera!  I don't think my bank is happy with me, but forget about that it will be amazing!  I should have it by next week, so expect a lot -an awful lot of pictures.

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