Friday, 14 September 2012

A rare sight indeed

I'd heard about the Baillons Crake about ten days ago, and on the fourteenth, my Uncle Iain, Father and I headed to Rainham Marshes  at around eleven. We headed straight to the Shooting Butts hide, seeing little of note on the way there, except for a flock of Starlings. The hide was crowded when we arrived, but Howard Vaughan who works there, managed to find me a space in-between two birdwatchers at the window.  It was a great view, but I couldn't stand up because there was a scope set up behind me, and I couldn't kneel because I wouldn't be able to see out the window. After about twenty minutes I saw my first Hobby!  But we left with out success after being there about an hour.

We walked along the board-walk, seeing dozens of Marsh Frogs, I saw seven small ones in the same area at one point. The Hobby gave good views, but was fairly distant, except for one brief fly-by. Out over the other side of the lagoon, were two Black-tailed Godwits, a couple of unidentified waders, Lapwing and Common Gull. As we were coming over a  bridge I noticed something brown sitting on a patch of reeds, it was a Water Vole, and considering they're usually shy, I was surprised to see one in the open!

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