Saturday, 22 September 2012

Nuthatch surprise

Yesterday afternoon was spent at the feeder station at Thorndon visitor centre. The weather was as clear as it had been for some while, but that wasn't much, just white cloud, so not brilliant for photos. We had gone to see if we could see any Nuthatches, as Iain had seen them here a few days before.  As soon as we walked up to the feeders a Nuthatch flew into a bush next to me and it soon came down onto the feeders.  Over the next hour or so I managed to stand within four feet of the feeders and the Nuthatch still came down to feed.  I reckon there are about four Nuthatches, as once two landed on the feeders, another chased one of the ones on the feeder off and one called from above.  As I had previously spent a year looking for Nuthatches with no luck, until I went to Warley, they have got to be one of my favourite birds.


  1. They are beautiful little birds. Your pics have really captured their wonderful colours.

    1. Thanks, I am glad you like the pictures, the Nuthatches were fairly used to humans, and so Quite confiding.

  2. Thanks for joining my blog. I was wondering if you could identify the birds in my second block. Curlew? Bar tailed godwit, or whimbrel. Would love to know. Have asked people on the beach but no answers. I live off the Antrim Coast on Belfast Lough.

  3. I meant to write second blog.not second block

  4. They're Curlews, and the one in the middle with the orange bill is an Oystercatcher.
    Nice shot!

  5. Thanks very much. I live on the Antrim coast and not off it. Just in case you thought I might have my own island or something!. Thanks again for the info.


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