Sunday 9 December 2012

Patch Ticks

Yesterday I read that someone had seem a male Brambling and Nuthatch over at Valentines, so this morning we headed over to check it out.  The Brambling was last seen along the canal so that's the way we headed.  There were loads of birds: 2+ Chaffinch, c.30 Goldfinch, Grey Wagtail, a white headed Blackbird!  And a Great-spotted Woodpecker, the first we've seen here for about eight months!  No Brambling, so we headed to the feeders to look for the Nuthatch.  During a roughly fifteen minute wait e saw Blue Tit, Great Tit, Goldcrest, Collared Dove and Robin.
                                                        Looks like he's been in a fight!

As I was thinking the Nuthatch must have moved, my father pointed it out in the trees!  After surveying the area it flew down onto the feeder!  It was quite tolerant of other birds; allowing a Great Tit to use the same feeder, this must mean that it has not fully made this its territory.  Lets hope it will stay!

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