Friday, 11 January 2013


Third time lucky!  On Wednesday my uncle Iain came across the flock of  Waxwings in Collier Row, he then picked my father up who was in Tesco at the time and they both got good views of over 60 birds!  So today they took me as I still haven't seen them.  As we pulled up I saw a flock of around 30 Waxwings in a distant tree!  Before we could even cross the road they they all took off and flew out of sight.  We stood round for about 15 minutes and they came back into a tree on the other side of the road!

With a bit of patience, they came down to feed only  about 3 meters away!  Because of low light I had to have a high ISO and low shutter-speed to get any shots, so they are a bit 'noisy'.

Great fun though! I hope to come across them again, but in good light!
 Also I finally got around to ordering a Sigma 150-500mm lens!  Hasn't turned up yet, but I can't wait!


  1. When I was a teenager waxwings came to our garden nearly every year and cleared a tree of its berries. I wasn't much interested at that age. Now I would be thrilled to see them.
    Your photos are great.

  2. Great birds aren't they? Hope to see them again soon!


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