Sunday, 6 January 2013

What A Fun-Guy!

My mother and I went over to the golf-course again today, and in the woodland at it's edges I found loads of Mushrooms!  Mostly Jew's Ear and a few other species I couldn't identify (I'm not very good with Flora).  Strangely I saw two Orange Ladybirds!  And some flowers which were budding!  And, to beat all this; two days ago I saw a Bumble Bee!
 The lighting in the forest was bad but I still tried a couple of shots of the fungi's.

                                                              Jew's Ears

If anyone knows the identity of these mushrooms/fungi please let me know!

These last two are just record shots, the lighting was terrible and I didn't spend that much time on them, the same goes for all these shots!

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