Friday 19 October 2012

Triple Ticks!

Yesterday I went to Abberton Reservoir to put my new scope to the test in the field.  My uncle Iain decided to come too, as well as my Father and  myself.  Abberton is not far from Mersey so it took just less than an hour to get there.  Recently they had opened a new visitor centre.  It was a brilliant centre, with Scopes and Bino's which you could use through their windows.  On the way to the "Soper" hide I heard and saw Skylarks and a large flock of Goldfinches,


The reservoir was huge! And from the hide you got a view of one of the islands.  There was a scope set up for you to use in this hide too, and through it my father managed to pick up a Kestrel on the other side of the reservoir.  It was so far away that it was impossible to see with the naked eye.  There were also a couple of Great-crested Grebe, and I picked up a flock of Lapwing in flight, as well as the first Widgeon I've seen this autumn.

On the path to the second hide I spotted a Linnet.  In that hide we saw about sixty Cormorants on one island and Skylark were flying about outside the hide before disappearing into the grass.  We left that hide and carried on along the path in search of the next hide.  I decided, for some unknown but fortunate reason, to take a picture of a distant swan.  Zooming in on the image I saw it was a Whooper!
The first I have ever knowingly seen

Whooper Swan
As we were walking through the grass land path with plantations on either side, Iain pointed up the path at some things running away.  Quickly I got my scope on them and had about half a second viewing what was almost definitely a convoy of Grey Partridge!  Second Life tick of the day.

Briefly we visited the Soper hide again and I managed to see two flocks of Golden Plover!

We had been advised to visit a causeway to see Pintails, and this we did.  There were loads of domestic ducks, most probably escapes.  There were plenty of wild birds around, Shoveller, Teal, Pied Wagtail and on a fairly distant island were some sleeping Pintails!  My third tick of the day!

                                                     Sleepy and distant Pintails

Earlier today I wrote down my bird list, and I found out I have now seen 122 species!  Next goal 130 by new year!

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