Thursday, 8 November 2012

Beat That!

Squirrels,  now they are one kind of animal I strive to outsmart.  They can be the cause of great frustration as they steal all my bird food.  They have pulled feeders apart and spilt food everywhere,  and I have had to take some drastic measures;  hanging feeders on the washing line, running outside waving my arms, even scaring him off with a water pistol (a little too extreme!).
But now, I will put up with it no more, I have bought: Squirrel buster +!  It was rather expensive for a feeder costing £30

I put it up in the garden, not in the place I want it, so I might move it.  I filled it up and walked away and about 7 seconds after I left a Blue Tit was on it!  and for the first time I was looking forward to the Squirrel paying a visit.  Unluckily I think the Squirrel visited when I wasn't looking, because as I looked outside I saw it sitting there looking suspiciously at it, and resolving to go for Black-sunflower seeds instead.

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