Tuesday 30 October 2012

Fire and Gold

This morning I looked out of my window and heard a call similar to a Goldcrest, I started imagining a Firecrest as the call reminded me of the one last year, when I notice something in the Laurel tree to the left outside my window, and it was a Firecrest! It went round to the other side, near the back door, so I rushed downstairs.  The tiny little bird was still there and I managed to snap some shots.

                                              Is that a coloured ring or just his leg?

He then went back to the other-side of the Laurel, so I went back upstairs and frustratinly he was perched on a twig really close to the back door, if only I had held my ground.
                                           If only I had been down there 

So, I went back down stairs and got some super close but obscured shots of it before it went up into the bush it was in last year, and then dssapeared.

I also got close views of a Goldcrest.  But unlike the Firecrest he didn't allow much opportunity for photographs.


  1. Buenas capturas de este Reyezuelo.Saludos

    1. Thanks, I am glad you like them.
      'Gracias, me alegro de que os gusten'

  2. Awsome. The two 'Crests' have always been favorites of mine, great little birds to see, and very jelous of one in your garden!
    From a fellow young Birder (17)

  3. Thanks! Each Autumn Goldcrests come with the Long-tailed Tits to my garden, and twice last year and once this year I've seen the Firecrest, an exciting moment on all occasions. Can't wait to see it again!

  4. Hello Gideon. Great pictures as usual. I had a sparrowhawk in the garden today and have put a few photos on my blog. Theyre not up to your standard. I am not a photographer but have a good zoom on my Olympus SZ-30MR. unfortunately at full zoom any shake of the hand has an effect. But I think you will like them.

    1. Great shots of the Sparrowhawk Angela! Much better than any I have of these birds.
      As for camera shake there are some ways to reduce it; It may be worth getting a tripod, the one I use I got for £8 at a boot-sale, also Using shutter-priority mode on your camera might help, the higher the number the faster the shutter-speed, which means there will be less shake, but in bad light too high shutter will darken your image.
      I hope this was some help.

    2. I will have a look on the camera for the shutter priority. That is helpful. I think by the time I had set up a tripod the pigeon would have been history. Thanks for the advice though.


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